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2000 Audi S4 Twin Turbo. The ultimate B5 S4 Sedan.
Audi RS4 2Bennett

2Bennett has been servicing and modifying this car since 2001 for the original owner.

The beautiful Negaro blue finish was applied in our paint shop and looks fantastic. Custom paint styling shows off the 2B Carbon fiber hood and rear decklid. The roof was also painted black to continue the theme.

2B RS4 Body

The body features a complete RS4 front end including:

= Complete front bumper assembly with Grills

= RS4 Hood grill and headlights

= RS4 Front fenders and rocker extension / covers

= 2Bennett RS4 Rocker extension to rear quarter panel Blend Adapters

2Bennett AUDI S4


Close up image of the 2Bennett RS4 rocker to S4 quarter panel Blend Adapters

Paint and body still looks great

2Bennett Recaro Seats Black lightweight high performance leather Recaro seats are top of the line. Features include multi manual adjustment, forward fold, and easy slide.
audi B5 RS4 trim RS4 Sill trim shown.
audi boost gauge 2B Dual gauge pillar pod blends into the A pillar.
Audi S4 2BennettAudi B5 RS4 Black leather interior in beautiful condition
2Bennett Audimotive RS4


The engine performance upgrades began with all of the RS4 bolt on parts such as:

RS4 Aluminum upper air distribution pipe, RS4 Airbox, Airflow meter, fuel injectors, fuel pressure regulator, all RS4 turbo intake pipes and turbochargers, intercoolers, etc.

Also shown are Bailey piston type bypass valves, 2Bennett Silicone intake hoses, APR Aluminum Bipipe

audi RS4 engine 2Bennett

RS4 Turbochargers, RS4 Clutch pressure plate, 2B Aluminum flywheel with 2B Friction disk.

The exhaust manifolds are modified internally by 2B to increased flow dramatically.

Larger exhaust port heads and different camshafts also installed.

The complete complete car with this 2B / RS4 engine package was shipped to APR for time consuming custom software. It makes well over 500 hp on race fuel and still passes California emissions testing on 91 octane. There are 4 programs to choose from for different octanes of fuel. All controlled by Cruise control button with the engine off.

This is still an engine and software package that we sell.

audi s4 crank case oil separator Under the cover where the original Battery lived is the 2Bennett Crankcase oil ventilation / separation system. Not a "catch can". It separates the oil from the air ventilation system allowing it to properly drain back in without destroying the engine when run at such high horsepower. Not having this system is what eats up many of these engines. This system is completely different from catch cans that are sold by most shops.
audi s4 oil cooler 2Bennett Audimotive 2Bennett Oil cooler kit with Mocal cooler, the highest quality AN fittings, and braided hoses. The hoses are covered in abrasion resistant sleeves.
audi hi performance tuning Davis California

2Bennett upgraded the original 6 speed transmission with performance coated 1st and 2nd gears and synchronizers.

The 2Bennett true 3" 304 Stainless downpipes are also visible in this image.

rs4 intercoolers

The RS4 intercoolers are mounted to the correct RS4 brackets. A lot of people used to just hang them by the hoses.

The car now has an RS4 Grill and Carbon fiber hood

Audi S4 big brake kitAudi S4 core delivery suspension 2Bennett

2Bennett "Coil Program" height and rate adjustable suspension. The system on this car is not too firm for street use but handles very well on track days. Our Billet Aluminum upper mount with Teflon coated spherical bearings are also installed.

Camber & caster adjustable upper control arms.

2Bennett Stage2 RS Brakes Featuring 365mm Floating rotors with six piston Brembo calipers and DOT approved 2B steel braided brake lines.

b5 s4 rear big brakes

Rear 2B 311mm vented, cross drilled, 2 piece rotors with B5 RS4 Calipers.

2B "Coil Program" height ad dampening rate adjustable rear suspension.

All 4 hubs have studs for easy wheel changes.

audi s4 carbon fiber

The tastefully custom painted rear decklid shows off the carbon fiber nicely.

The European rear bumper is slightly shorter and flatter than the American, giving the back of the car of cleaner look.


= Adult original owner car that has not been abused, though it has been used properly. Senior instructor for the Audi club North America.

= 2000 S4 2.7 twin turbo 6 speed manual, sedan.

= 2B Stage2 RS brakes (front&rear)

= 2B RS4 Engine upgrade package. 2B Specially Developed APR software for our exclusive engine package. 4 engine software programs selected with the push of a button. Over 525 hp on 100 octane fuel. California emissions legal on program one, 91 octane.

= 2B RS4 bodywork: Front bumper, fenders, Rocker extensions, 2B rocker to rear quarter panel blend adapter, European short rear bumper.

= RS4 intercoolers

= 2B Carbon fiber hood and trunk lid.

= 2B twin 3" downpipes with full 3" exhaust.

= 2 sets of 18x8 wheels. One silver set and One black set.

= Recaro front Black leather sport seats.

= 2B clutch with 2B Aluminum flywheel and disc.

= 2B Coil Program suspension, 2B camber caster adjustable control arms and rear toe adjusters.

= APR bipipe- intercooler to throttle body

= 2B complete Crankcase breather oil separation system. Not just a generic catch can.



Most of the information about this car, as far as modifications go are listed in the side bar next to the photos.