Audi Parts Wanted

2Bennett buys and sells Audi items.


Original S4 and S6 with 5 cyl 20v turbo engines.

Wrecked or not. We mostly need complete engine and ECU assemblies.

We prefer to buy cars complete.


'81-'91 original quattro in any condition

'85-'87 Coupe GT Complete cars

'85-'87 4000 quattro

5+5 also known as 2 door 4000 and 2 door 80/90

We do not need engines to work



WANTED-- B5 S4 Sedan- Casablanca White or Black - wanted to build into 2B GTR chassis


Rare or obsolete Audi parts

Rare Audi Cars

Crashed Audi Cars

Audi Memorabilia

  Send emails with photos if you have them attention Ken Bennett to